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The Pet-Friendly Flooring Guide

July 13, 2022

If you are thinking about your next floor but worried about your pets, you have come to the right place. There are lots of things to consider when picking your next flooring, and your pets are a big factor! This pet-friendly flooring guide has everything you need to know about the best flooring for you and your four legged family. Pets can damage your flooring by leaving scratches, having accidents, spilling water bowls, and leaving behind pet hair and dander. Make an appointment today and our flooring experts at Dalton Floor Tailor will guide you in the right direction to find flooring that’s best fit for your household!

A few things to consider:

  • Scratch Resistant and Durable Flooring
  • Water- and Stain-Resistant Flooring
  • Comfort and Traction


Tile flooring is one of the best options for homes with pets. Tile flooring is timeless and with technology advances, it can resemble hardwood flooring. Tile flooring can be costly, but it is durable and often lasts a lifetime. Tile flooring will also add value to your home. From young pets potty training to messy pets spilling water bowls or bringing in muddy paw prints, tile flooring can withstand spills and is easy to clean! However, tile flooring might be too slick for your furry friends’ soft paws. That’s why laying tile with thicker grout lines can help with traction. Tile flooring will feel cool on your pets’ paws in the summertime, but might not be suitable for cooler climates. To make tile more comfortable for your pets in the cold months we recommend a soft rug or pet bed.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is another great option for homes with pets. It is one of the most affordable flooring choices that is durable, easy to maintain, and comes in many styles. Luxury Vinyl flooring comes in two forms — luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). Luxury vinyl planks mimic the look of genuine hardwood while luxury vinyl tile mimics the look of traditional tile. Luxury vinyl can be waterproof or water resistant; therefore, accidents and spills are easy to clean. Luxury vinyl also offers mark-, stain-, and scratch-resistant options. If you worry about your pets sliding, skid-resistant vinyl has more traction. Your pet will also love the cool surface in the summer and warmth in the winter.


Like LVP, laminate flooring mimics the look of hardwood, is a cost-effective flooring option, and is easy to clean and maintain. Laminate is durable and can withstand paws with scratch-resistant options. Laminate flooring is good at resisting stains and marks from messes. However, water-resistant laminate is necessary for pets as accidents and spills can cause long-term damage if they are not properly cleaned. Laminate is also a slicker flooring option which might not be suitable for older pets. Learn more about laminate flooring in our blog post “All About Laminate.”


Hardwood flooring is not traditionally the best choice for homes with pets. Hardwood is prone to damage from pet accidents and spills which can warp the hardwood especially if not cleaned quickly. However, with advances in hardwood, Hydrotek is a new waterproof hardwood flooring option with a UV aluminum oxide finish that resists spills, staining, and scratching. If you opt for a hardwood, we recommend a species like hickory which is one of the hardest. It is also recommended to choose a hardwood with a matte finish rather than glossy because it hides scratches better.


Carpet flooring may be the softest and most comfortable flooring option, but it usually isn’t the best choice for a home with pets. Carpet can be torn up by sharp claws or chewing and trap hair and dander from your furry friends. Carpet is also more prone to stains from accidents or muddy paws. But, if you can’t part with carpet flooring, there have been advances in carpet technology that make carpets which are designed to resist pet stains and odors, such as water-repellent and stain-resistant options. Many of our carpet manufacturers now have LifeGuard technology to protect against spills, built-in stain protectant, and ColorGuard bleach and fade-resistant technology.

Choosing your next flooring comes with many things to consider, and your pet is one of them! There are many flooring options to consider, and our flooring experts at Dalton Floor Tailor are happy to help you find what’s right for you. Make an appointment today to work with us!

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