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The Best Flooring Options for Your Kitchen

November 7, 2023

Many people view the kitchen as the heart of the home. Holiday dinners and everyday breakfasts are prepared there, families gather to discuss their days, and many other special moments happen in the kitchen. How it is designed sets the tone, and this starts with your floors. Obviously, you aren’t going to carpet it, but this still leaves so many other options available. Choosing the correct floor that will function for years to come is of special importance, since a kitchen floor has very specific needs. A kitchen floor needs to stand up to everyday spills, making care and cleaning an important concern. How comfortable it is to stand on is also a factor. The most popular choices for kitchen floors are luxury vinyl and laminate. Hardwood floors are also an option, but you should consider how much water the floors will be exposed to, since we all know hardwood and water don’t mix!

You can still get the look of hardwood with laminate flooring. It is composed of particle-board core with outside protective layers, making it a great fit for the heart of your home. Since laminate floors can mimic any other type of floors, you can get the look of hardwood, tile, or stone, whichever one looks best in your home! It is nearly waterproof, so you get peace of mind knowing that a spill won’t warp or damage your floors (you should still clean it up sooner rather than later, since laminate isn’t 100% waterproof). Laminate floors can also be installed over existing floors, making installation easy and convenient. And even better, you can add a cushion layer underneath to make the floors comfortable for longer periods of standing while you create your culinary masterpieces.

If spills are a bigger concern, luxury vinyl might be a better fit for your kitchen. Luxury vinyl is composed of all manmade materials, making it the most water-resistant flooring option. Luxury vinyl can also be installed with a comfort layer underneath to add more cushioning for comfort. And like laminate floors, luxury vinyl floors can mimic every floor type, so you can have the look of tile or hardwood and the durability of luxury vinyl. 

Both laminate and luxury vinyl have the same easy care and cleaning routines — a regular sweep and a weekly damp mopping will keep your floors looking beautiful for years, and your kitchen looking clean and inviting.

Book your in-home appointment today with the design experts at Dalton Floor Tailor! Answer a few simple questions about your style preferences, and your design expert will bring carefully curated samples to your home so you can choose the best flooring for your home and lifestyle. We offer in-house financing, and our installation team is the best in the business. When it’s time for you to redo your kitchen floors, make Dalton Floor Tailor your first and last call!

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