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Inspired by the elegant roof tiles of traditional Chinese architecture, Pet Perfect™ carpet boasts a unique design process. By intertwining different hues of yarn, each strand intricately twisted, this carpet creates mesmerizing color combinations, reminiscent of the harmonious lines found in ancient roofs. Experience the beauty of craftsmanship and tradition woven into every thread, making Pet Perfect™ a truly distinctive addition to any space.

  • Color: Polar Sky
  • Nylon
  • Loop Style
  • 10 Year Loop Warranty


Purrfection premium carpet featuring 100% Anso® High Performance Solution Dyed Nylon, renowned for its durability and vibrant color retention. This loop-style carpet, with a width of 12 ft and a face weight of 40.00 ounces, offers both style and functionality. Backed by Softbac Platinum Backing, it ensures stability and comfort underfoot. Enjoy peace of mind with a 10 Year Loop Warranty, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and beauty. Elevate your space with the timeless elegance and superior quality of this Anso® carpet collection.