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Carpet Flooring Installation in Atlanta, GA

The undeniable sense of comfort and warmth Carpet brings to a home are among the many reasons it has endured for centuries as a classic staple in home décor — particularly in bedrooms. Sound absorption, safety from slips, a wide variety of styles, and attractive price points simply add to its cozy appeal. With new advances in technology, Carpet is also available in stain-resistant varieties, which makes it a great option for homes with pets or children.

Let one of our Atlanta carpet flooring experts guide you through your Carpet selection to help you choose the best flooring for your lifestyle. Our certified installers will ensure your new Carpet is installed properly to maintain manufacturer warranties. We look forward to showing you the broad array of Carpet options available to you during your In-Home Appointment!

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What is the average cost of carpet per square foot?

You can expect to pay between $1.10 to $20 per square foot. Learn more about the features that affect the price point.

How do I care for my new carpet?

Regular maintenance will ensure you get the most out of your investment. This includes vacuuming regularly, cleaning spills as soon as they happen, and don’t refrain from calling in the professionals for a true deep clean every once in a while. Refer to our carpet cleaning blog for more tips!

What are my options for carpet textures?

Carpet comes in a variety of construction or textures including loop, cut pile, and cut and loop carpet. Loop fibers are great for high traffic areas. They don’t flatten or wear down easily, making for a clean appearance. Cut pile are cut so the ends are exposed on the surface. While they’re not as durable as loop fibers, they’re smooth to the touch. Cut and loop is exactly as the name sounds. It’s a combination of cut and loop fibers to create a modern, stylish look.

What is carpet made out of?

The most popular types of fibers you’ll find include nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. Nylon remains the most popular because it’s durable, static-free, and well-suited for indoor use.

What is carpet padding?

Carpet padding is a foam underlayment designed to offer support and extend the life of your carpet. There are various types of carpet padding you can choose from, but the main purpose is to provide added comfort and insulation. Padding also acts as a sound absorbent, which is great for two story homes or apartments.