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Neutralize, Our Exclusive Installation System

Baby and Dog playing on new kitchen floors

We believe that you should feel safe in your home. That’s why we offer the Neutralize™ system with every flooring installation. Our Neutralize™ Installation System consists of a few steps. First we remove your old flooring and HEPA vacuum the subfloor. Next, your installer will spray an EPA-approved solution, HealthinEx, to your subfloor. This solution inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria – so you don’t have to worry about what could be growing underneath your floors! Next, we will install your new flooring, followed by another HEPA vacuuming when the installation is complete. Lastly, your installer will spray another EPA-approved solution, VitalOxide, to sanitize the new floors. The entire Neutralize System is proven to kill COVID-19 as well!