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How To Clean And Care For Your Floors

November 16, 2022

How To Clean And Care For Your Floors

One of the most important aspects of keeping your floors looking new and beautiful is knowing how to correctly clean and care for them. Whether you are wondering what types of products to use or what method is best for your flooring type, we are here to help with some useful tips!


The most important tip to utilize when it comes to caring for your hardwood is to avoid using wet mops. Wet mops can cause water damage to your hardwood flooring, so it is best to avoid using them. Instead of wet mopping, Dalton Floor Tailor recommends BONA cleaning products to protect your hardwood. These products don’t leave a residue to attract dirt and don’t leave a haze on your flooring. It is as simple as just spraying and mopping. Another tip for hardwoods is as easy as taking off your shoes. Taking off your shoes can avoid tracking in dirt, sand, and grease that could be damaging to hardwood.


Cleaning your laminate flooring is very similar to hardwood. Again, you should avoid using a wet mop on these surfaces. If you let liquids sit for a long period of time it could cause water damage to the surface. Reference your warranty to determine the length of time that is “safe” for liquids to sit on your laminate flooring. It is also recommended to sweep dust and debris off your laminate as needed. BONA cleaning products are great for laminate floors, which are readily available at retail locations.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl is one of the easiest types of flooring to clean and maintain. Due to vinyl’s water-resistant technology, it is okay to wet mop with warm water to remove grime and then use a microfiber or regular cloth to dry them off. You can use a regular vacuum to get rid of dirt and debris as needed on your flooring. As with laminate and hardwood, if you are looking for a great cleaning product we recommend BONA for luxury vinyl as well.


It is important to clean any stains that may occur on carpet right away so they do not leave permanent damage. There are stain-resistant carpet fiber options which enable you to just dab up any liquids or foods without the worry of staining the carpet. Since carpet is a fabric, it is easy for dirt to get trapped in this type of flooring. One of the easiest ways to prevent this is taking off your shoes while you’re on the carpet so you don’t accidentally track any debris into the surface. You should opt to vacuum carpeted surfaces regularly and might want to invest in a high-quality vacuum. Besides what’s already been mentioned, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned once per year to maintain most carpet warranties. This will keep them looking beautiful for years to come. 

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