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In-home Laminate flooring installation in Athens, GA.

Beautiful and practical, Laminate is the perfect option if you’re looking for a low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing floor. The difference between natural timber and Laminate is harder to distinguish today due to the ability to accurately mimic the appearance and texture of natural wood. Let us help you find the perfect style for your home in Clarke or Oconee county today.

Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, Laminate makes for long-lasting flooring that’s water, fade and scratch resistant. Laminate doesn’t require periodic waxing or sealing to keep it looking brand new, like other flooring options. 

Since Laminate resembles the authentic look of Hardwood or stone, the possibilities are endless. Shop right at home from a wide array of durable styles, colors and textures available to the Athens and Watkinsville area.

To learn more about Laminate and to determine if it’s best for your home, read one of our latest blog posts, All About Laminate!

Natural Color Hardwood in Living Room with Gray Couch and Black Coffee Table