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All About Laminate Flooring

May 4, 2022

Looking for a stylish, durable, budget friendly flooring option? You have come to the right place. Laminate flooring is a beautiful alternative to hardwood and other natural flooring options. Since laminate first arrived on the scene, there have been many advances in its technology, including higher quality imaging and greater water resistance.

Laminate Technology and Design

Laminate consists of multiple layers that are fused together: high durability wear layer, design or pattern layer with printed visuals, high-density wood-based core, and a balancing back layer. The top layer is thermal fused melamine that offers the highest level of transparency. The use of stainless-steel press plates to tailor the texture and gloss of the flooring’s transparent top layer  allows laminate floors to give you the realistic look of hardwood flooring without losing the clarity of the design.

These days laminate can recreate the look of hardwood, stone, and other natural flooring options. Laminate offers endless style options like micro bevels, deeper texturing, and various colored visuals. Beveling and high-quality imaging allows laminate to capture distinct grain patterns and vibrant colors of real hardwood floors. Embossing, texture, and a variety of plank lengths help to provide laminate with a closer resemblance to hardwood. However, unlike hardwood, which has imperfections and pieces that need to be trimmed or even discarded, laminate has no defects. Every board has a consistent appearance due to the photographic layer.

Laminate Installation and Durability

The locking systems on each piece of laminate flooring offers quick and easy installation. This type of installation process also makes it easy to repair if needed. Laminate flooring advances have allowed this flooring to last 10 to 25 years in your space, depending on traffic levels and overall wear and tear. With new and improved locking systems and water-resistant coatings, laminate can now be installed in more places around your home without the worry of damage.

Due to the wear layer, laminate floors will not scratch or stain as easily as hardwood. Laminate flooring offers UV resistance to prevent discoloring and is even water-resistant. A water-resistant coating make laminate great for a home with kids and pets, as it is equipped against spills and stains when cleaned up quickly. Recent improvements have also made laminate less slippery because manufacturers have developed textured, slip-resistant wear layers.

Laminate Cost and Maintenance

Laminate flooring requires little to no maintenance. Just sweep, dust, vacuum, or carefully mop to prevent dirt from accumulating that could scratch the floors. Since laminate is not completely waterproof, you should not wet mop this flooring, as standing water can cause swelling or warping if left for long periods of time. Most laminates can withstand liquids sitting on the surface for up to 48 hours before damaging the flooring, Along with ease of maintenance, laminate is also one of the most inexpensive flooring options available. There is a widening cost gap between laminate and luxury vinyl flooring options, giving laminate a higher value proposition for your home. However, laminate flooring will not add value to your property like hardwood or tile flooring.

Laminate is a great option for almost any space. With advances in laminate flooring technology, it offers endless style options, realistic appearance of hardwood, durability, little to no maintenance, and won’t break the bank. Our flooring experts at Dalton Floor Tailor would be happy to guide you through the flooring selection process and discuss all your options. Make an appointment today!

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